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13 Ways to Stimulate Brain Activity In Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s disease can be debilitating and all-consuming.  That’s why it’s important to do two things when you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s: find relaxation techniques to ease anxiety and find mental stimulation activities to help brain functioning.  Below are thirteen different techniques to ease anxiety and stimulate brain activity.   Techniques to ease anxiety and produce calm in Alzheimer’s [...]

Foggy Days: A Story of Three Women Navigating Alzheimer’s, Relationships, and Loss: Part 2

 Read part 1 here. Gram had been living at Harbor End for six months now.  The beginning had been hard: she was lonely and felt put away and uncared for.  And she had been indignant that she needed to be in an assisted living home.  But gradually, day after day, two things happened.  One: she realized, as her memory got [...]

Books for Kids about Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia affect millions of people across the world today.  Which means that it also affects millions of children: children who have to watch their loved ones go through the debilitating effects of this disease.  It may be very confusing for kids, as they wonder what’s happening and if it’s something that could happen to them too.  Here [...]

Foggy Days: A Story of Three Women Navigating Alzheimer’s. Part 1

Her grandmother kept asking her the same question over and over.  It was getting quite annoying.  She was trying to be patient, but why did Gram continue to ask her about her school play?  She’d already TOLD her that it was Romeo and Juliet, and that she was playing Juliet.  She’d told her three times now.  And every time her [...]

Physical and Mental Exercise for Alzheimer’s Patients

Studies have proven that exercise reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  And not only that, but regular physical activity can improve the performance of daily activities for those who already have Alzheimer’s disease.  Since there is no cure currently for Alzheimer’s disease, prevention is the best tool that we have.  And exercise is a practical and economical way to do [...]

BayView Mother’s Day 2017

Mother's Day is celebrated to honor all mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child. Most countries including US, Australia, Canada and India celebrate Mothers Day on the second Sunday of May. Mothers Day came into being due to the efforts made by Ms Julia Ward Howe and Ms Anna Jarvis. The Resolution for [...]

The Light in His Eyes: Losing a Loved One to Alzheimer’s

Two boys bore his last name. Five siblings called him brother.  One wife of 50 years counted him as her favorite person of all time.  He was a devoted husband, father, friend, and brother.  When people thought of him, the first thing they thought of was his humor.  Always laughing, rolling his eyes in a self-deprecating way, making [...]

Enjoying the Coast of Point Loma

Point Loma is a beautiful coastal town in San Diego. Full of amazing views, wonderful food, and friendly people, it’s a must-see destination if you are in southern California. There are SO many things to do in Point Loma though, so we narrowed it down for you: a few must-see stops in the gorgeous Point Loma: Cabrillo National [...]

Easter Celebration At BayView Senior

We had a fantastic time celebrating Easter Sunday last month at BayView Senior Assisted Living!  Our staff cooked a special meal and provided Easter baskets for our residents! As always, family members joined their loved ones for the special event.  Days like this are a reminder of how much we have to be grateful for! [...]

A BayView Birthday Bash

Here at BayView we like to celebrate birthday's in a big way and we're thrilled to be able to share Matsue Knight's Birthday Party Bash that happened a few weeks ago and what an event it was! Family, residents and staff all gathered to celebrate.  Matsue's daughter Tanya brought a catered lunch and treated us to Lampert's ice cream imported from [...]