Staff Spotlight: Maria Flores

We're so happy to Welcome our new House Manager, Maria Flores to the BayView family!  Maria has extensive experience working with seniors and has a heart of gold.  We asked Maria a little about herself so we could get to know her better.  Here's what she had to say! What is your role at Bayview? I am the House [...]

Essential Oils and Alzheimer’s

For those looking for ways to ease, and even curb, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, there are a variety of natural methods to choose from.  There’s limited research on the benefit of these methods, but many believe they are worth trying.   One of those methods is the use of essential oils.  Essential oils can be used to treat all [...]

Ben’s Story: Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Care, Part 2

For part one of Ben's Story CLICK HERE Lora thought back on the life they’d had so far.  They’d had their moments, sure, but it had mostly been a happy life.  They both loved their jobs and in their free time, they adventured as a family.  They’d go on hikes and Ben and the kids would splash in the lakes [...]

Meditation and Alzheimer’s Disease

Though there is currently no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease, there are several suggestions for helping to slow the progression of the disease. One of those suggestions is mediation.  How does meditation help slow Alzheimer’s disease? A recent study by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center divided 14 adults, aged 55-90, into two groups.  One group received regular care with no [...]

A Test that Could Spot Dementia Early

We know that dementia is growing in the United States.  And we also know that there is currently no cure for it.  But there may just be some ways to spot dementia early on and at least slow its progress.   One of those ways is by having people get routine eye tests. According to new research, dementia [...]

How to Help a Loved One Move to Assisted Living

When a loved one has to move into an assisted living residence, it’s hard on everyone involved.  It can be confusing or frustrating to the person moving in, and it can be heartbreaking to be the one bringing your loved one into an assisted living home.  We know that it’s a painful task, which is why we have [...]

The 7 Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, Part 1

There is still so much unknown about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  We set up memory care facilities and assisted living residences, but we still struggle to find a cure for the disease that takes away our mind and memories.  In the face of so much unknown, it’s helpful to understand what little we can about Alzheimer’s disease.     Alzheimer’s [...]

Overcoming Stress: Dealing with Alzheimer’s during the holidays

She put her hand to the window, feeling the icy frost clinging to the other side.  Another Christmas season, another joyous month that wasn’t feeling quite so joyous anymore.  She struggled to remember who was coming for Christmas this year.  Was it all her kids? Or just some?  What about the grandkids?  She couldn’t remember quite how many she [...]

10 Tips for Communicating with Alzheimer’s Patients

When a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, it can be really hard to communicate with them.  After a while, they repeat themselves over and over and then, after even longer, they don’t really make sense anymore.  It can be trying and you want to say the right thing, but what is the right thing?  Here are some [...]

Growing Old Around the World

Thanks to technology, health improvements, and better nutrition, people are living longer these days.  This shift in culture brings a lot of possibilities, but it also raises the question of how we care for our elderly.  Growing old looks completely different depending on where you live.  In some parts of the world, the oldest members of society are revered, honored, [...]