Want to Prevent Neurodegeneration? Look into the keto diet!

At BayView Senior Assisted Living in San Diego, CA, we pride ourselves on preparing meals that are good for our residents’ bodies and minds. Learn more about the connection between ketosis and brain health!


The 4 BEST Ways To Prevent Falls in Elder Care Communities

Fall prevention is critical to us at BayView Senior Assisted Living. Every year an estimated 60% of residents in senior living communities experience falls. 1 in 4 older Americans fall each year. While falls are not always preventable, [...]


The #1 Exercise For Better Posture TODAY

As we age, the way we’ve carried our bodies throughout life matters more and more. Posture, flexibility, and mobility become increasingly important as we get older because we can no longer rely on youth to keep our bodies [...]



We’re committed to holistic senior living as we understand that the physical, social and spiritual aspects of our residents’ lives are all very important. Our loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia might not grasp the full concept of where they are living, but these little touches can make a bigger difference than we might realize.


Kitchen Lighting for a San Diego Elder Care Community Remodel

Thanks for joining in on our next installment of super helpful and incredibly practical design tips! Anyone who has been through a remodel or renovation knows how exhausting, exciting, and overwhelming it can be! While it’s a joy [...]


Bathroom Lighting Tips for Remodeling a San Diego Independent Living Home

We’ve worked hard to create inviting spaces for the members of our memory care communities in Point Loma.


Part II: Adult Education in Elder Care Communities

Welcome to Part II of our series on adult education in elder care settings! At Bay View Assisted Living (and at our sister locations, Mesa View Senior Assisted Living and Harbor View Senior Assisted Living) we work hard to incorporate adult education principles into our programs!


Part I: Adult Education in the Assisted and Independent Living Context

Every person on earth is born with a desire to learn. The learning process happens naturally within a social context and learning is an experiential process as well as a cognitive process. There are some important differences between the way children might be educated and the way that adult learners respond best to education. The principles of adult learning and education have important implications for individuals living in elder care or memory care communities.