How Does Palliative Care Differ from Hospice Care?

BayView Senior Assisted Living is a family owned and operated independent and assisted living community in Point Loma, California. Our owners have firsthand experience as Alzheimer’s and dementia affected families and understand what goes into making decisions around [...]


Pesticides, Air Quality, & EMFs – What are the Environmental Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s?

Environmental Risk Factors for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease  The best understood and most known risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (including Lewy body dementia) is simply aging. Other environmental risk factors have been identified but they are [...]


5 Amazing Resources for Family Caregivers!

BayView Senior Assisted Living in San Diego, California  At Bay View Assisted Living (and at our partner locations, Mesa View Senior Assisted Living and Harbor View Senior Assisted Living) we strive to provide compassionate, individualized care, preserving our [...]


44 Year Study Finds that Gardening Might Reduce the Risk of Developing Dementia by Almost 50%!

How Does Gardening Holistically Benefit Seniors? When it comes to caring for those with cognitive decline, it’s vital to consider the entire person. Gardening is one of those integrated activities that provides a myriad of holistic benefits to [...]


How to Make Your Assisted Living Home 10x More Inviting with Greenery!

How to use greenery, foliage, and indoor plants to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your San Diego assisted or independent living home.


Want to Prevent Neurodegeneration? Look into the keto diet!

At BayView Senior Assisted Living in San Diego, CA, we pride ourselves on preparing meals that are good for our residents’ bodies and minds. Learn more about the connection between ketosis and brain health!


The 3 Most Festive Dessert & Drink Pairings (#3 Might Surprise You!)

We’ve rounded up a few pairings of drinks and desserts that are sure to help you dazzle your guests for the holidays without too much fuss. If you've been following our series on the MIND diet for Alzheimer’s and dementia prevention, our third pairing, a low sugar dessert with a mocktail, is just for you! 


The 4 BEST Ways To Prevent Falls in Elder Care Communities

Fall prevention is critical to us at BayView Senior Assisted Living. Every year an estimated 60% of residents in senior living communities experience falls. 1 in 4 older Americans fall each year. While falls are not always preventable, [...]


5 EASY Snacks for an Alzheimer’s Prevention Diet

Memory Care Community in San Diego, CA  Welcome to this blog series on diets that may have an impact on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and neurodegeneration. We all know that health is extremely complicated and multi-faceted. Everything from genetics, [...]


The #1 Exercise For Better Posture TODAY

As we age, the way we’ve carried our bodies throughout life matters more and more. Posture, flexibility, and mobility become increasingly important as we get older because we can no longer rely on youth to keep our bodies [...]