Bathroom Lighting Tips for Remodeling a San Diego Independent Living Home

We’re back with some super helpful and super practical design tips! Anyone who has been through a remodel or renovation knows how exhausting, exciting and overwhelming it can be! While it’s a joy and privilege to have updated spaces, the decision fatigue alone can be daunting. At Bay View Assisted Living in Point Loma, California (as well as at our partner locations Mesa View Senior Assisted Living in La Mesa, California and Harbor View Senior Assisted Living in Mission Hills, California), we’ve worked hard to create inviting spaces for the members of our memory care communities. Follow these bathroom lighting tips if you want to do the same in the elder care community you’re designing for! 

If you’re a contractor or an interior designer, you know all the thought that goes into the lighting of a home (or, on a larger scale, multiple homes or units in an elder care community). For the average person, however, dipping one’s toe into the world of bathroom lighting can feel intimidating! Luckily, we’re here to help you out with these bathroom lighting tips, straight from one of the top designers trending today: Emily Henderson. Emily Henderson got her big break on HGTV’s acclaimed show Design Star and has been running her blog for more than a decade. Her tips have helped average joes and budding designers alike! Let’s take a closer look. 

Bathroom Lighting Design Tips for a Senior Living Community in San Diego:

  1. Unfortunately, overhead lighting is extremely unflattering (who knew?!). If at all possible, install vanity lights one either side of the vanity mirror to provide the best, most flattering light. No matter what age we might be, we all want to look our best and overhead lighting won’t do any of us any favors. 
  2. The standard lighting in a bathroom is to install two recessed lights – one over the shower (make sure to get a recessed light that is safe for wet areas!) and one over the vanity. Unless you specify otherwise, most contractors will follow this model so be sure to communicate with your contractor or electrician if you’d like something different in your bathroom. If your client runs an independent living community, he/she might also want something different. Be sure to be aware of your clients’ specific needs and desires! 
  3. The mixed metal trend is a wonderful way to add texture and uniqueness to the bathrooms in the elder care community you’re remodeling. Designers generally recommend sticking to two or three finishes and using your primary metal finish at least twice. How does this apply to bathroom lighting? For example, if you choose two, gorgeous aged brass wall sconces to go on either side of your recessed medicine cabinet, you don’t have to use aged brass for all of the other metal finishes in your bathroom. Aged brass sconces and polished nickel faucets and drawer pulls look beautiful together! Or you could choose matte black faucets and sconces with a gold framed mirror and gold vanity handles. Whatever mixed metals you choose for the bathrooms in your assisted living home, remember that this is a simple way to add some pizzazz!

At Bay View Assisted Living (and at our sister locations,  Mesa View Senior Assisted Living and Harbor View Senior Assisted Living) we care about the physical environment that surrounds the members of our elder care communities. Research shows that aesthetics have a genuine impact on joy. We work hard to maintain beautiful and calming spaces for our residents, all part of the BayView lifestyle! 

Thanks to Emily Henderson and her fantastic team for the design inspiration behind this post!