Holiday Reflections

Here at BayView Senior Assisted Living the Holidays are upon us! We had a fantastic and delicious celebration with residents and their families for Thanksgiving! The Christmas party planned for December 18th will be one that you won’t want to miss…a potluck and gift exchange with all the holiday fixings! We’re always so touched by the outpouring of support and participation for our residents, thank you!

The holidays bring another opportunity for families to connect, share stories of the past, and celebrate the oldest members of their family by acknowledging their lives, recognizing their wisdom, and honoring their stories. It’s so important for us at BayView to do just that, highlight the individuals that live with us, and know their story, what made them smile, and what they loved most about Christmases past. It’s also a time to for everyone to understand where people are in terms of abilities, or to become aware of any factors that may make it difficult for them as they age. Management at BayView strives to stay up on the latest and greatest research in dementia care, and serving those with all forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. However we think it’s just as important for families to be able to identify potential issues so they can prepare, and help make sure their loved ones are safe, and happy. We found an article sent out by just before Thanksgiving particularly poignant, in terms of recognizing clues or hints there could be issues with the ones they love the most. Check out the article: Holiday Spy Kit: 8 Clues Your Parents Aren’t OK , and let us know your thoughts!

An employee of BayView shared their own AH-HA moment with us below about this Thanksgiving with a family member and it resonated deeply, as we understand just how important it is to make plans in the care for those that may have some form of cognitive impairment or dementia.

“I was enjoying the pre-dinner conversation with family, catching up on the latest in their lives, hearing about what they’ve been up to, and had a particularly eye opening experience with an Uncle. A cousin of mine had just had a new baby, which was my Uncle’s newest grandchild, which everyone had been excited about. I asked him about the new little guy, Jack, and he didn’t know who I was talking about, and said he was just confused. I explained who he was, and that his son had just had his second boy and he then recalled what I had been talking about, but it really confirmed the level of his confusion which we have been seeing signs of for the past few years.”

As you can see it affects us all, and we wish you the best this holiday season, and hope the article above helps equip you to identify potential issues before they become a threat to your family members’ safety or well-being. We’re here to help, answer any questions you have, and of course offer the best care for elderly in Point Loma and beyond with or without memory care needs!

Happy Holidays!