How to Make Your Assisted Living Home 10x More Inviting with Greenery!

Use Houseplants to Make Your Assisted Living Community 10x More Inviting!

Today we’re going to talk about how to use greenery, foliage, and indoor plants to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your assisted or independent living home. Beyond simply being aesthetically pleasing, surrounding yourself with indoor plants can help purify the air, regulate the indoor humidity levels, and provide a psychological boost. Learn more about the benefits of houseplants in assisted living communities below. 

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Anyone who has been through a remodel, renovation, or even just redecorating knows how exhausting, exciting and overwhelming these processes can be! While it’s a joy and privilege to have updated spaces, the decision fatigue alone can be daunting. At Bay View Assisted Living in San Diego, California (as well as at our partner locations Mesa View Senior Assisted Living and Harbor View Senior Assisted Living), we’ve worked hard to create inviting spaces for the members of our communities. Follow these tips if you want to do the same in your elder care community! 

Benefits of Houseplants in Assisted Living Homes 

  • Cleaning the Air

Plants are very effective at purifying indoor air. This is increasingly important as homes and buildings become more energy efficient because indoor air pollutants are trapped at higher rates inside energy efficient structures. Certain plants (like orchid and succulents) increase the oxygen content in a room by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen at night. 

  • Regulating Humidity

Plants release moisture into the air which is especially beneficial in dry winter months. 

  • Creating Beauty 

The aesthetic benefit of indoor greenery shouldn’t be underestimated! Plants are beautiful, interesting to look at, and can soften the straight-line dominant design of most assisted living homes. 

  • Increasing Happiness

Studies show that filling one’s environment with flowers and foliage increases happiness and decreases the likelihood of depression. Working and studying in the presence of plants also increases memory retention and concentration. 

Best Types of Plants to Grow Indoors in San Diego 

  • Rubber Plant

In the ficus family, the rubber tree plant is a beautiful plant to grow indoors. With glossy, dark, oval shaped leaves and the ability to grow up to 6-10 feet, rubber plants are striking in a home. Keep in indirect sunlight and mist leaves with water to keep them moist. 

  • Peace Lilies

Peace Lilies are ubiquitous houseplants because they both clean the air and are extremely hearty and difficult to kill. Peace Lilies are one of the most effective natural air filters and clean the air of a variety of chemicals including formaldehyde, methyl alcohol, trichloroethylene, and xylene. 

  • Snake Plant 

There are a variety of snake plants with different patterns and colors on their leaves and that grow to different sizes. This plant is also very hearty and, like most indoor foliage, it’s important not to overwater snake plants. These are one type of plant that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night so it’s ideal to place them in bedrooms. 

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