Letters from a Loved One: From an Alzheimer’s Patient

Elderly woman writing letter with fountain pen, close-up of handsDear Sarah,

Hello sweet girl!  I’ve missed you!  How are the boys?  Is little Ian still a firecracker out on the soccer field? I miss seeing him play! And how’s Daniel getting along in school these days? I know cursive was really tripping him up.  
We are doing well.  Daddy is (mostly) enjoying retirement, although you’d never know it the way he goes on and on about how bored he is and what this world is coming to (you know he’s always had a flair for the dramatic).  
I hosted my annual Women’s Knitting tea last weekend in Point Loma.  It was a grand success, if I do say so myself.  The mayor of San Diego even stopped by as a special guest.  You should have seen the old birds gushing on and on about him like he was even remotely eligible for them.  Remember Tracey? The one whose kids don’t speak to her (and heaven knows I can’t blame them!)?  Well she practically threw herself at him.  It was quite shocking to watch.  
I know you’re waiting for me to tell you more about the REAL STUFF.  Sigh.  You know how I feel about all of that, but as my beloved daughter, I do feel inclined to tell you…
I forgot my way to the grocery store again yesterday.  My list was all written out and tucked in my purse, I grabbed my sunglasses and hopped in the car, opened the garage door and backed out like I’ve done a thousand times before.  And then I started driving, but after about five minutes, I forgot how to get there.  I was only going to General’s, you know, the market I’ve been shopping at for 30 years.  But it was like everything just flew out of my head.  I was at the stoplight and it turned green and I thought, “Well now what?  Where in heaven’s name is that store?”  I’m ashamed to say it took me two hours to find it.  TWO HOURS Sarah!  I finally called Daddy and told him the cross streets I was at and asked him how to get there.  I was only one block away.  You know I hate worrying him like that, but I was starting to panic.
I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was scared.  And sad.  I guess we’ve seen this coming on for some time now, but it feels more and more real these days.  Once I made it there, I parked the car and sobbed into my hands.  It’s a terrifying feeling to be in a place you know so well and yet have no idea where you are.  I don’t want you worrying about me though.  I’m sure it’s just a setback.  I’m taking all my supplements and working on my memory care just as much as my physical care.  They may say I have Alzheimer’s, but I don’t believe it quite yet.  Us seniors just get a little forgetful you know?  No senior care necessary for me!  
Well my sweet girl, I must go now.  Your father is getting hungry and Lord knows he can’t find his way around the kitchen to save his life.  Let’s hope my cooking memory doesn’t go, eh?  (Sorry, maybe those jokes aren’t funny anymore).
Give the boys my love.  Can’t wait to come see them soon!
Love you always,