The 4 BEST Ways To Prevent Falls in Elder Care Communities

Fall prevention is critical to us at BayView Senior Assisted Living. Every year an estimated 60% of residents in senior living communities experience falls. 1 in 4 older Americans fall each year. While falls are not always preventable, we implement evidence-based plans and policies to mitigate their risk. Keep reading below to hear more about BayView’s fall precaution approach. 

BayView Senior Assisted Living Fall Prevention Steps 

At Bay View Assisted Living (and at our partner locations, Mesa View Senior Assisted Living and Harbor View Senior Assisted Living) we strive to provide compassionate, individualized care, preserving our residents’ dignity at every stage of their Alzheimer’s journey. We’re committed to holistic care that engages our residents on emotional, mental, and spiritual as well as physical levels. This month we’re talking about some of the ways we proactively prevent falls at BayView. Here are four essential steps we take to reduce the risk of falls. 

  • Safety Enhancements: Grab bars and handrails are installed throughout BayView. We continually check for and eliminate tripping hazards and position bright lighting for increased visibility. 
  • Vision & Hearing Checks: Eyes and ears are extremely important for navigating our environment. Consistent checks ensure your loved ones are receiving the hearing and vision care they need! 
  • Balance & Exercise Programs: We offer exercise programs tailored to our residents and have significantly adapted our group exercise classes to make them COVID-safe. 
  • Fall Risk Assessments: We closely track all falls as well as any residents who are at a higher risk of falling due to certain medications or conditions. 

Home Care Fall Prevention Checklist 

If you or someone you know is caring for an older adult, here is a safety checklist for fall prevention at home. Remember that many falls are due to hazards that are often overlooked but easy to fix. 

  • Floors
    • Clear paths of furniture and other objects
    • Make sure all rugs are secured with double-sided tape or a non-slip backing
    • Make sure all cords are coiled next to the wall
  • Stairs & Steps
    • Fix broken or uneven steps and/or any carpet that is loose or torn
    • Make sure stairways are well lit and free of any objects like shoes or books
    • Fix loose handrails and make sure handrails extend the entire length of the stairs 
  • Kitchen
    • Keep things you often use in lower cabinets
    • If step stool use is necessary, make sure to have a steady one with a handrail
  • Bathrooms
    • Put a non-slip rubber mat on the bottom of showers or tubs
    • Have grab bars next to the tub and toilet 
  • Bedrooms
    • Place a lamp within easy reach of the bed
    • Place a night-light to brighten any paths that might be dark in the evening 

Additional Fall Precaution Tips

If you’re concerned about falls, you’re not alone! While fear of falls shouldn’t dictate life for older adults, a serious fall can have significant and long-lasting health impacts. In addition to the proactive measures above, here are a few more preventative steps one can take to reduce the risk of falling. 

  • Limiting alcohol intake as even small amounts can affect balance and reflexes. 
  • Getting enough sleep as drowsiness increases fall risk
  • Take extra care on icy or slippery surfaces!
  • Wear supportive, non-skid shoes 

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