How to Upgrade the Common Areas of Your Assisted Living Community

By: BayView Senior Assisted Living

As an assisted living community, we continuously evaluate and evolve to meet the needs of our residents. It’s our goal for our residents to feel at home when they move in. One of the ways to ensure assisted living residents feel at home is by upgrading the common areas. Here are some ways to upgrade the common areas of your assisted living community.

Sustainably Designed Assisted Living Communities

Sustainable design has become an increasingly popular feature in many homes and senior living communities. From a quality-of-life and environmental perspective, conserving water, energy, and other resources is beneficial. For example, large windows allow for increased natural light indoors, boosting serotonin levels. More windows also lead to improved indoor air quality. Incorporating greenery and indoor plants into the design can improve air quality and boost residents’ moods.

Seeing natural elements and gardens from the windows of an assisted living home can also create a sense of peace and calm. Previously on the blog, we discussed using greenery, foliage, and indoor plants to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your assisted or independent living home. Read more here!

Sustainable design can also be cost-effective in the long run. Saving on operating costs and utility payments is the most immediate payback owners might notice with green retrofits. Additionally, increased asset value is consistently reported in upfront green buildings and green retrofits.

Make Common Areas More Inviting

Many senior living communities have taken design inspiration from hotels and resorts to make common spaces and residents’ rooms feel warm instead of clinical. Using warm colors, comfortable seating, artwork, and indoor foliage, many practical design choices can take an ordinary space from feeling like a hospital to feeling like a home.

Remember that these upgrades don’t have to happen all at one time. To work in phases, first replace sterile, white walls by repainting them in warm earth tones. Consider replacing seating with plush sofas or recliners that enable group conversations, resident socialization, and visits with friends and family.

Special Amenities for Entertainment and Wellness

If the budget allows, consider adding special upgrades that improve residents' enjoyment and quality of life. For example, theaters, spas, and fitness centers can help seniors stay mentally and physically active. Another option is to utilize community resources near your senior living center. These could include outings to the local gym, theater, or restaurants.

Incorporate Technology to Enhance Connection

Many of today's older adults are tech-savvy and are accustomed to using technology to enhance their safety, well-being, and social connections. When residents can stay in touch with family and friends via social media, FaceTime, and Zoom, it increases socialization and emotional well-being. Consider setting up a computer station or teaching every resident how to use a phone or tablet to call loved ones.

Safe and Inviting Common Spaces in Assisted Living Communities

At BayView Senior Assisted Living in San Diego, California (as well as our partner locations MesaView Senior Assisted Living, HarborView Senior Assisted Living, and RanchView Senior Assisted Living), we strive to provide compassionate, individualized care, preserving our residents’ dignity at every stage of their Alzheimer’s journey. At BayView, we’ve worked hard to create inviting and safe common spaces for the members of our communities. Follow these tips to do the same in your elder care community!

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