Mobile Health Services Can Improve Quality of Life and Ease of Care

By: BayView Senior Assisted Living

A fantastic benefit afforded by assisted living communities is the ability to bring in outside care services that can play an essential part in your loved one's overall health plan. These outside services also have the potential to improve quality of life significantly.

We can accommodate various mobile healthcare services at our four boutique assisted living communities (in Point Loma, La Mesa, downtown San Diego, and Encinitas). These services include podiatry, massage, psychiatric and other physician services, dental hygienists and mobile dentists, and IV infusions tailored to the specific needs of the elderly community, among others. We provide 24/7 care in our memory care and assisted living communities, but we can also accommodate outside hospice services for your loved one. Palliative care can also be arranged through us.

Best Memory Care Community in Southern California

Are you looking for the best memory care community in Southern California? Look no further! BayView Senior Assisted Living in Point Loma is a senior care community in Southern California. Our residents' holistic life experience (social, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical) is important. Our compassionate caregivers provide top-notch, individualized care to each member of our memory care communities.

While some mobile care services can be accommodated in an individual's home, it is generally more convenient to bring outside services into an assisted living community. Sometimes this is due to logistical factors. Other times it's easier to utilize a space already set up for patient care.

Specially Featured Service: Immunity & Vitality Boosting IV Infusions

Please look at our specially featured service this month: Nurse Faith's Mobile IV Therapy Service. A certified dementia care practitioner with extensive experience serving elderly populations, Nurse Faith is passionate about functional medicine and enhancing vitality and immunity for the elderly. She provides IV therapy designed to prevent acute illness and improve hydration, among other benefits.

The Elderly Wellness Bag IV treatment is an IV drip over a 30-minute to 1-hour period. The IV drip contains Vitamin C, magnesium, Vitamin B-100 Complex, B5, B6, and B12. Hydration and increased Vitamin C in the body are directly correlated with decreased incidences of UTIs and other infections commonly seen in the elderly. This preventative wellness treatment can make all the difference in keeping an older individual out of the hospital. In addition to immunity benefits, individuals who receive this IV Therapy report feelings of increased vitality and energy.

Top Senior Assisted Living Community with a Holistic Approach to Care

Holistic memory care is defined as care that engages a patient's body, mind, and spirit. From knowing about a resident's wellness to physical health to hobbies, interests, and more, caring for the whole person starts with taking the time to understand them as an individual. For those with Alzheimer's, knowing who they were before is just as important as knowing who they are now.

Individualized Senior Care in San Diego, California

At BayView Senior Assisted Living (and at our partner locations, MesaView Senior Assisted Living, HarborView Senior Assisted Living, and RanchView Senior Assisted Living), our compassionate, highly competent staff provide 24/7 care to each member of our memory care communities.

If your loved one is one of our members, please don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in a comprehensive list of the outside services we can accommodate. We highly value our members' holistic health and look forward to coordinating services that could improve your loved one's overall well-being.

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