A Poignant Thanksgiving Reflection - Joy & Grief in the Holidays

By: BayView Senior Assisted Living

Holidays Can Be Bittersweet for Alzheimer’s Affected Families

Below is a simple Thanksgiving reflection that considers both the joy and the grief holidays can hold. When a loved one is ill, it’s almost impossible to ignore the sadness present in this life. It’s important to cultivate gratitude and to cling to the joyful moments of connection wherever we can find them. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to practice gratitude and presence in the midst of an uncertain or challenging time.

Take a look at MesaView Senior’s most recent blog post for some great ideas on how to include a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia in Thanksgiving prep and celebration. There are also some creative solutions for celebrating with your loved one in their assisted living community. Celebrating holidays in your loved one’s care community is usually less disruptive and anxiety-provoking for them. It can be very difficult for someone with cognitive decline to move outside of their routines and comfortable spaces. 

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A Thanksgiving Reflection

Let’s remember that in this vast plane of human existence, we are but a blip

As you make your plans

Book your flights

Pick your outfits

Brush your kid’s hair for the first time that week

Buy the onions and the green beans and the cream of mushroom soup

As you fervently try to cultivate gratitude on this day dedicated to it

As you feel the flutter of nerves and excitement at seeing loved ones for the first time in years

As you feel overwhelmed by the details of hosting

By the small talk and the colliding echo chambers and the potential for tense conversation

Pause. Breathe. Remember.

You are but a speck

In a line that spans the ages

Of those who have planned and traveled and bought and cooked and loved

Of those who have worried and wondered and fought and lost

Of those who have decorated, created beauty, cleaned, chopped, and baked

Remember that few things really matter

And at the same time, a single, kind word can change the course of a life

Hug your loved ones tight, look into their eyes (an awkward amount) when they talk

Listen earnestly, laugh generously, encourage lavishly

Hold the universe’s great paradoxes in tension:

Grief and joy

Conviction and humility

My needs and your needs

Boundaries and open arms

Privilege and the pain every one of us carries

Brevity and gravity

High hopes and zero expectations

Pause. Breathe. Remember. Give Thanks.

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